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Buddy McNeese, CRPC®

Buddy McNeese, CRPC®


As President and Wealth Management Advisor at Frederica Wealth Advisory, my specialization lies in discretionary asset management, where I strive to provide the best possible outcomes for my clients. In 2006, I obtained the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselorâ„  (CRPC®) designation, further enhancing my expertise in helping clients navigate their financial journeys. With over 28 years of experience in the financial services industry, I have dedicated my career to portfolio management, financial planning, strategy, and client service.

Before embarking on my professional journey, I attended the University of Georgia, where I honed my skills and gained a solid foundation in the field. Since then, I have been motivated by a passion for learning and a drive to make my clients money. For me, financial planning and portfolio management are like complex 4D puzzles, and I thoroughly enjoy piecing together all the elements involved. It is incredibly satisfying to see how all the components align and create a comprehensive strategy. One of the key values I bring to my clients is my ability to plan for both the ups and downs of the market. Volatility doesn't keep me up at night because I am prepared for it. I believe that having a well-thought-out plan is the greatest gift I can offer my clients, helping ensure their financial security and confidence.

A native of Macon, Georgia, I currently reside in St. Simons Island with my wife, Mandy. Together, we have been blessed with a son and a daughter, making our family complete. Outside of my professional endeavors, I am actively involved with the United Way of Coastal Georgia. For the past 20 years, I have served as a board member and volunteered my time to support their mission. When I am not assisting clients or engaging in philanthropy, you can find me practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where I hold a brown belt, or showcasing my skills in karate, where I have achieved a black belt. Jiu-jitsu is my passion, and I dedicate three sessions a week to hone my skills. Additionally, I enjoy the challenge of puzzles and the escape that comes with reading.